montsenyVallès Oriental

La Cleda is located in Vallés Oriental, a territory known for its authentic handicraft fairs, rich gastronomy and mythical spaces such as the Montseny Natural Park or the hot springs in Garriga and Caldes de Montbui.

The Natural Park of Montseny is one of the essential visits if you want to know a special natural environment that offers a mosaic of extraordinary landscapes. Here, mountain lovers have, next to the big city, some of the most emblematic birds such as Turó de l'Home and Matagalls.

In Caldes de Montbui i La Garriga we find the most popular thermal baths in the area. In the Roman village of Can Terrers de la Garriga or in the baths of the square of the source of the 'Lleó de Caldes' you can still appreciate what the Romans discovered about the benefits of thermal water and that these populations have been able to take advantage of.

The traditional cuisine of the Valley is another of its strengths. If you want to know the territory through its gastronomy, its restaurants and craft fairs are the ideal place. Essential traditional dishes: stews with mushrooms, 'capipota', black pudding with beans, noodles with casserole and cod.

The Vallés Oriental is also a land of culture: Museo Archivo Tomàs Balvey or Abelló Museum of Mollet, centered on the figure of the painter Joan Abelló, are a good example. Throughout the region we find artistic, historical and archaeological testimonies that are part of the cultural heritage of the valleys, such as the dolmen of Piedra Gentil or the Modernist Route of Garriga and Cardedeu.

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