Matured big cheese

Mature maturity of 1 year. 250gr.
Sales price: 7,00 €

Ingredients: Raw milk of sheep, milk and milk ferments.

Tasting:Made with raw sheep's milk. It is an aromatic, dairy-flavored cheese, slightly spicy and melted on the palate. The interior is slightly yellowish. And the crust is covered with natural fungus, fleshy skin rubbed with olive oil.

Presentation: 250gr wedges and vacuum packed. Expiration: 4 months

Tasting: Matured big cheese invades the mouth on the first grinding wheel. First of all, it emphasizes the taste of fresh walnuts, with the spicy touch of the freshly pressed oil, then the ripe aromatic sweetness with ripe banana, with a texture that is both brittle but sweet.

Remember the warmth of a stable when autumn arrives. A cheese to taste sitting!

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