Avocado cheese

A cheese that won't leave you indifferent! 350gr
Bronze medal at World Cheese Awards 2016
Sales price: 8,75 €

Ingredients: Pasteurized milk of sheep, rennet, calcium chloride and dairy ferments.

Tasting:Creamy texture, strong and slightly acidic taste that fills the whole palate by providing its characteristic bouquet. Soft semi pressed pasta. It has a very long tasting that gives many different nuances throughout its tasting. We recommend you to taste it with your own skin. The penicillium roqueforti fungus gives very special touches

Presentation: Cylindrical pieces, with natural fungus skin. Weight: 350 gr. Expiration: 3 months

Tasting: Brittle with a little bit of little toast hazelnut.

Autumn landscape with touch to cooked pumpkin. The skin, like rains on the leaves, makes it intense. Relapse
persistent touch of aromatic herbs with a spicy shade at the end, a lot
subtle, like the one that would prick a thyme flower infusion!

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